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Parking in Bouillon? Everywhere for free!

Updated: Mar 5

Parkeren in Bouiillon

Bouillon is a tourist town ( with about 12 villages on its territory as well) in the south of Belgium in the province of Luxembourg. The town is not far from the French border. The "Pearl of the Semois" - as Bouillon is rightly called - is located in a remote corner of the country. It is a place you don't often pass by, if you don't have to be there. Let this be precisely the charm of this region: because whoever comes there really wants to be there. And with good reason, because the "Valley of the Semois" is magnificent and has a wealth of beautiful spots and tourist assets.

The accessibility by public transport (i.e. 30km to the station of Libramont, bus line 8 Bouillon/Libramont) is not a big deal, but this is amply compensated by the very easy connection by road. From Flanders, the E411 freeway (direction Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) brings you to Libramont. From there, the E46, a 2x2 main road towards the French Sedan and Reims, takes you up to three kilometers from the city center. In these last kilometers, you do a descent from the main road to the banks of the Semois. the center of this beautiful Ardennes town, best known for its medieval castle of Godfrey of Bouillon.

So good news for families with children, because a car ride to Bouillon is not too bad. The kids in the back seat only have to brave the last three kilometers of winding road. In the Ardennes this really is an exception, because many villages and towns in the Ardennes are located many more "winding kilometers" from a major road.

This good accessibility by car is obviously an important asset for tourism. Fortunately, the city's parking policy has understood this. After all, parking is free in the entire city. So welcome king car!

For example, those who want to visit the castle can almost drive in by car (and park on the parking Esplanade du Château). Bouillon has about ten (free) parking lots scattered throughout the city. However, there is also quite a lot of space in the streets themselves. Experience shows that only during top events (e.g. Hunting Festival - Fête de la Chasse, the Medieval Festival - Fête Médiévale) and on weekends during the real high season it is difficult to find a parking space. But even then, you can park within walking distance - and for free! Let's not forget: where else can you park for free for a whole day in a tourist center like Bouillon? A nice gesture from Bouillon for the wallet of the tourist!

An overview of the larger parking lots in Bouillon:

  1. Faubourg de France, down by the bridge (beginning of Faubourg de France, down by the Semois) (30 or so spaces)

  2. Pont de la France (beginning of Rue du Moulin, in front of Hotel Porte de la France) (about 30 places)

  3. Rue de la Station (parking at former station building; about 100 places that are almost never all taken!)

  4. Rue du Collège (dolomite parking at the Semois + parking at the Archéoscope)

  5. Rue du Collège (Colruyt parking lot : sometimes the barriers are open)

  6. Boulevard Heynen and Boulevard Vauban (right next to the Semois)

  7. Rue des Bastions (next to Boulevard Vauban) (about 70 places)

  8. Rue de l'Hospice (20 places on small square with trees)

  9. Esplanade du Château (for those who visit the castle)

  10. Pont de Cordemois (parking just in front of the cultural center La Poulie at the beginning of the bridge Pont de Cordemois on Boulevard Vauban)

  11. Parking Lion d'Or (large parking lot next to butcher's shop Istace)

There are also charging points for electric cars in some public places:

  1. Rue des Bastions - 2 charging points.

  2. Faubourg de France under the bridge at Kayak les Epinoches - 2 charging points

Bouillon is investing in more public charging stations in the city in the coming years. Also, many hotels have already provided charging points in their private parking lots.

Feel like enjoying nature, culture or culinary delights in Bouillon? Don't wait any longer: hop in the car ... welcome to Bouillon!


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