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A long process for a quality coffee

Quality coffee beans for a fair and delicious coffee

A 3-step journey

Purchased directly from the farmer

Our supplier, OR Coffee buys coffee directly from the source. This way we know exactly where our coffee comes from and that the farmers are compensated correctly. The roastery has a network of farmers around the world, giving us a guarantee of quality.

Roasted at OR Coffee in Westrem, Belgium

OR Coffee started in 2001. It was a revolutionary concept in Belgium. "Single Origin" and "Direct Fair Trade" were unknown words in our country. Owners Tom and Katrien are close to their customers and suppliers. Every year they visit the farmers and assist them with their knowledge and expertise.

Served by certified baristas

Through our partnership with OR Coffee, we can confidently offer our customers a taste of honest and delicious coffee of the highest quality. Our qualified baristas will let you taste delicious coffee drinks brewed the Italian way.

Koffiebar in Bouillon.JPG


This blend creates a full-bodied coffee with sweet, low acidity and flavors of dark chocolate and cacao nibs.

55% Brazil
20% Costa Rica
10% Colombia
15% Ethiopia

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